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Escort domain names for sale

Your domain name is important, choose wisely. So you have decided to take the plunge into the often lucrative world of escorting, either as an independent or indeed running your own escorts agency or directory, and now need a good domain name to complement ... read more

How to be the perfect gentleman when meeting an escort

How To Be The Perfect Client When It Comes To Escorts. There are many reasons why everyone hiring an escort should tend to be the best client possible. Although it seems like something you shouldn’t care much about, it’s very important, especially if you enjoyed the company of a specific escort and you ... read more

Ten things you should never say to an escort

10 Things You Should Never Say to an Escort! So you’ve decided to hire an escort. Congratulations - you’re on your way to spending an incredibly fun night with a smart, sexy stranger. An increasingly popular pastime, escorts are the best choice for you if you’re looking for fine company in lieu of a lonely night ... read more 

Heated driveways the ultimate in luxury for your car

From heated floors to heated driveways. If you are lucky enough to have under floor heating in your home, maybe in the kitchen or dining area, or indeed throughout the house, you may be thinking 'you the man'! Well, you are not! THE MAN or WOMAN is the one that has a heated driveway! YES, a heated driveway. For just  ... read more

New ways our shopping will be delivered in the coming years

Is this the end of man and his van? Over the next few years the way we receive deliveries of goods bought online will change dramatically. Currently we rely on a man, or indeed woman, in their van to deliver our purchases but the method of delivery is likely to change as companies  ... read more

We look at what's new in the Autonomous cars market

The advent of Autonomous cars is exciting on many levels. Two things seem almost for certain to happen in the motoring industry within the not too distant future. Firstly, all cars will become electric. The range of vehicles offered from all major car manufacturers will be electric as traditional  ... read more

Supersonic flights are coming back!

Commercial supersonic flights are set to make a return! For those of us who watched the decommissioning of Concorde with a tear in our eyes we can once again get excited at the prospect of supersonic commercial flights. A US company called "Boom" is in the final stages of producing commercial  ... read more

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