10 Things You Should Not Say To An Escort

We will save you a lot of grief with our blog post this month detailing some of the do's and dont's when it comes to talking to the escort of your choice

Ten things you should never say to an escort

10 Things You Should Not Say To An Escort

So you’ve decided to hire an escort. Congratulations - you’re on your way to spending an incredibly fun night with a smart, sexy stranger. An increasingly popular pastime, escorts are the best choice for you if you’re looking for fine company in lieu of a lonely night.

Whether you’re looking for mature London escorts or your tastes veer in another direction, you’re in for a lot of fun. However, you need to keep in mind that you’re neither hiring a regular prostitute or going out with a friend. Because of this, the etiquette of such an encounter is completely different. To make sure your outing is a pleasant one, here are ten questions you should never ask an escort.

#10 “What is your real name?”

This one is surprisingly common and is pretty telling that the person has very little to no experience. If not, that just means the person has misinterpreted the relationship and has crossed a boundary they shouldn't. No, most escorts don’t use their real names for their work, and there are plenty of reasons for that, most of all their safety. That’s why asking for the escort’s real name is considered a serious faux pas.

#9 “Are you actually single?”

This question is also surprisingly common, though it’s also another one you should avoid like the plague. While you’re entitled to wonder about the escort’s private life to your heart’s content, what they actually do there is none of your business. Of course, it goes without saying that meeting an escort has a definite sexual and/or romantic undertone, but the key thing to remember is that they are not your partner and that this is their job. The amount of clients they’ve served, as well as their schedule for the day, is also not your concern. You pay for a specific amount of time, and this time with them is all that should concern you.

#8 “What’s on the menu?”

This question verges on being insulting. Of course, escorts will have their preferences and boundaries, but they are not restaurants or shop offers - they are human beings and the service they provide you with is companionship. Treat them as you would any normal human being and simply ask consent for whatever you want to do with them. If you’re looking for someone to satisfy specific kinks, you can look for escorts that do that kind of thing specifically beforehand.

#7 “Can I see your face before we meet?”

While the risk of various scams is prevalent for clients of this industry, it is inappropriate to ask an escort for pictures beforehand. Most escorts have online profiles and social media accounts, so you can take a look at them beforehand. It’s your job to look out for scams, not the other way around.

#6 “Is your family know about this?”

Once again, questions that pry into the escort’s private life are absolutely inappropriate. You would not enjoy an escort asking you personal questions, if only due to the taboo nature of the subject. For escorts, it all comes back to the work argument - they’re here for your pleasure, but for them it’s business.

#5 “How old are you?”

This question is wrong for two main reasons. The first one is the implication that the escort would lie about their age on their profile, which immediately puts them in a defensive position - not exactly the sexiest way to start a date. The second one is the implication that they look older than they actually are. Of course, escorts may claim to be younger than they are on their online profile, but is the age really an issue if you’re just spending a couple hours with them?

#4 “Mind if we skip condoms? Or showering, for that matter?”

Personal hygiene and safe sex are absolute musts in the industry and the mere implication of forgoing either can get your escort to cancel the outing. It won’t hurt to shower, and safe sex is just a no-brainer for anyone. Stick to the rules.

#3 “Will you go out with me? Like, for free?”

Occasionally, clients may get swept up in the romance of the situation and see something that isn’t really there. Sure, the escort might even end up enjoying the meeting as much as you are, but always remember that they are at work. Don’t expect them to work for free.

#2 “How much do you actually earn?”

Now, this question is inappropriate in pretty much any situation, let alone one as delicate and intimate as meeting an escort. Of course, if an escort talks about their income on their own, they have that right, but asking about any personal details, as we’ve established multiple times already, is simply inappropriate.

#1 “Can I get a discount?”

This question may sound innocent, even customary depending on your culture, but it’s actually the most surefire way to get you blacklisted. No matter what you may think based on the offer you’re presented with, insinuating that you’re entitled to a discount is offensive to the escort. You are free to ask if they offer, e.g. a shorter service (45 mins instead of an hour) for a lower price, but if they say no, it’s take it or leave it. The escort industry has no room for barter.

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