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It used to be true that 'The camera never lies', however these days with the advancement of image editing softwares this adage may not be so true anymore. We have all heard about the backlash towards the fashion industry because the photos in fashion and lifestyle magazines are these days so doctored and changed that the final image produced may not even be close to a real presentation of the model. These days with just a few clicks of a button anyone with a little know how can dramatically change photos and change skin tones, remove blemishes and even completely change someone's figure and stature. We like to think that professional escort photographers do not go that extreme and merely make the photos look a little more enticing and professional, however, given the choice most punters would probably prefer to see as natural as possible photos of the escorts. Of course make up is expected and not an issue, it's when pictures are so doctored and changed that they don't give a true picture (excuse the pun) of the girl herself.

That's where selfie escort photos come in to play. These days we all have smart phone and the majority of those have exceptional cameras built in. This allows the girls to take some slightly less professional but more genuine photos of themselves which are becoming a big hit with London's punters. On these pages we hope to bring you a good selection of these girls and their genuine selfie photos, so you can see the real beauty of these girls and not some fantasy computer generated version.

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Smile and click and you can see just how naturally beautiful Stefany is when she takes a selfie with her phone, looking so sexy and cute. Now you can book in confidence!

Brunette escort with selfie photos Naturally beautiful teenage escort with shiny black hair and the most kissable lips you can imagine. Doesn't she look just stunning in this selfie?

Sexy blonde taking a selfie of herself Come check out the untouched selfies of our escorts. We have a great selection of London escorts all with the vital selfies taken to show you just how beautiful they are. The girl in the photo is Narissa and she is available tonight!

Young blonde escort with selfie What a cutie! And it's plain to see this young Russian escort's natural beauty when you see her very impressive non-doctored photos.

Brunette escort showing herself in a selfie Clover is a 26 year old Eastern European with a massive 36F bust and a naturally beautiful face as you can see from her selfie.

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Selfie Escorts London

Recently the Telegraph newspaper reported that we take over 1 million selfies a day! Most of them are for our own or family's enjoyment and a large number of those may find their way on to the many different social media platforms out there today. However, increasingly punters are being drawn to escorts who market their services through selfies. This is usually in tandem with a professional shoot but London escorts are finding that just including one or two selfie photographs in their gallery pages goes a long way in building confidence and ultimately getting bookings. Hence, the popularity of selfies in the escorting sector is growing rapidly.

Our page dedicated to London companions with selfie photos is growing all the time, check back again soon as we add new girls all the time.

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