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Well you have to don't you, love Norwegian girls. These Nordic beauties are often tall, slim, certainly fair in complexion and pretty sporty. Some of the sexiest Scandinavian girls are Norwegian for sure, with their piercing blue eyes and plump, curled lips. If you like fair skinned, blonde, blue eyed beauties then girls from this country will be right down your street. Of course, you will also find natural brunettes but it would probably be fair to say the majority of ladies from this Scandinavian country are fair in complexion.

Norwegian London escorts are hard to come by (no pun intended), but do check back again for more Norwegian escorts soon.

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Norwegian escorts in London Featured escorts from Norway

Genuine Norwegian massage therapist and escort Elina is in her late 30's, very experienced in ancient deep tantric massage, traditional Japanese massage and Nuru massage.

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Norwegian Escorts London

The Kingdom of Norway, as it is officially know, is a Scandinavian with a polpulation of just over 5 million people is not only famous for it's beautiful countryside, mountains and fjords but incredibly it is also the 3rd largest exporter of oil in the world, a little known fact perhaps. Norwegian girls are confident, intelligent and an ambitious lot, preferring to build their own careers and be self sufficient than to rely on a man or husband. So, they are not only incredibly beautiful but also very smart, everything you could want in a modern, beautiful girl.

As you would probably expect there are not too many genuine Norwegian escorts plying their trade in London. Your best bet is looking through the high class escorts agencies as that is where you are likely to meet some of these girls. They will be elite and command a higher price for their time so be prepared to pay for the experience. We will list them on these pages as we find them so check back again soon for more escorts from Norway.

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