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It's not all about waffles, fine beers and exquisite chocolates, though that is a great draw, but Belgium is also famous for being home to Tintin as well as being the diamond capital of the world with over 90% of of raw diamonds being handled in Antwerp.

Belgian escorts in London are not as plentiful as we would like, but they are around if you look hard enough and we have on these pages listed for you some of these lovely ladies. Generally, the ladies from this small central Europe country are mild mannered and somewhat reserved in nature. They appreciate gentlemen with good manners and self hygiene and wish to be treated as a true lady should be treated at all times.

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Listings of Belgian Escorts in London
Belgian escorts in London Featured escorts from Belgium

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Belgian Escorts London

With a population of just over 11 million people, Belgium is a small central Europe country with a big impact. It's capital, Brussels is the home of the European Union for one thing and officials and diplomats from all European Union members congregate in this fine city which is essentially the capital of Europe. Belgium, though being a small country, is also a diverse one with 3 main languages spoken in it's different regions, Dutch, German and of course French.

If you have travelled to Brussels or Antwerp, or any other major Belgian city you would know that the escort scene there is discreet though as with all major cities a vibrant one. There are a load of agencies that cater for each city or region and there no shortage of beautiful escorts to choose from. When it comes to Belgian escorts working in London, you need to look a little harder and most escort agencies in London will not have one on their books, but seek and ye shall find! We hope you enjoy our list of companions above and do check back again soon for more being added all the time.

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